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NEW FOR 2018 -- BLAST BALL for 4 year olds!

Posted by VGSL VGSL at Feb 19, 2018 12:36PM PST ( 0 Comments )

New for 2018 is BLAST BALL.

This program is for 4 years olds, and is designed to keep your budding softball player moving and learn a few basic skills. Essentially, there is only a 1st base that Honks when you jump on it. Batters hit a foam ball from a foam bat. The fielders run to the ball (no gloves) and yell “BLAST” with hands held high.

Invite a friend for fun on the fields. VGSL supplies everything needed but players ought to have tennis shoes. Practice 1x a week for an hour and play a game on Saturday for an hour… all for just $20!

Softball Fans!!

The moment you were waiting for — SPRING 2018 Softball Registration is now open for VGSL Rec League programs!

This year is the year of BRING A FRIEND INTO THE LEAGUE!

In addition, this is a reminder that ANYONE who is a coach or assistant coach or is on the field with players MUST have a BACKGROUND CHECK. VGSL pays the fee. The Link is on the main menu on the top of the website.

VGSL provides bats, balls, helmets, and jerseys.
Players will need cleats, glove, and pants (Pant color depends on team). Face masks are recommended for all players.
VGSL tries to place players based on special requests or prior teams – BUT – we may move players to try to balance out teams for parity.

IMPORTANT: VGSL Requires Background Checks each year for anyone on the field (games or practices).

VGSL pays the fee.


Vienna Girls Softball League (VGSL) is dedicated to providing the chance for school-age girls in Northern Virginia to play softball at all levels from recreational 6U to 18u as well as club softball and play at national tournaments. VGSL was launched as the VPPL (Vienna Pigtail/Ponytail League) in the early 1960s by parents who wanted girls to have similar opportunities to boys for competition in athletics. There are no paid officers. Volunteers give hundreds of hours a season to coaching, readying fields, and carrying out the numerous duties required for the operation of the league. While our league is widely known for its “Select” or“Travel” teams that compete for state, regional and national championships, but it is our “House” league that is the heart of the VGSL. House league is where the girls learn to play and love the game.