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Vienna Girls Softball League

VGSL Board of Directors
President - Walt Brady
Vice-President -  George Biles
Treasurer - Dina Rosenberg 
Secretary - Kim Hiday

Sponsorship - Dave Stewart
Trophies -  Carmen Myers
HS  Director  - Susan Wells
MS  Director - Susan Wells

12U Director - Chip LaRue
10U Director - Michael Kiffney
8U Director -  Dave Sinclair
6U Director -  Erika Juliano
National Select Team Director (Stars) - Jim Adkins
Regional Select Team Director (Velocity) - Susan Wells
Equipment Director - Mike Ermel           
Training Director - Eric Cohen
Fields Director  - Liz DiFrancisco
Scheduling  - Adrienne Weaver
Uniforms Director - Amy Vernon
Publicity  - OPEN

Websites - George Biles & Adrienne Weaver

e-Registration - Geoff Hendricks
Youth Umpires - OPEN (with Kim Hiday training)

A BIG Thank You To all past VGSL Board Members!!!

Your efforts have helped thousands of young women gain confidence and life long skills as the learned to play softball.

VGSL is considered the premier Softball Organization in Northern Virginia for over 50 years - - you can be proud of your hard work!!